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Fatigue Predictor Fb, for use with FITBIT®

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Now fully automated with FITBIT data !

Fatigue Predictor Fb. Specially designed to use with FITBIT devices. Completely automate your Fatigue Prediction! Know when you are fatigued to a level of performance impairment.

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Stone Productions presents Fatigue Predictor Fb. This App is designed to work with FITBIT devices. This makes Fatigue Prediction easy. You don't have to input your sleep awake rhythm. Just authorize download of your FITBIT Sleep data and the app will predict when you will be fatigued to a level of performance impairment. Just follow this simple workflow:

  1. Select a date if you want to look back on your historic data. The date/time picker defaults to now.
  2. Tap on Predict Fatigue.
  3. You will be diverted to FITBIT authorisation page. Enter your fitbit credentials and authorize download of Profile and Sleep data.
  4. The app will calculate IFLS data based on your FITBIT Sleep records and will determine when you will be fatigued to a level of Performance Impairment.
  5. Your amount of sleep per hour will also be presented for relevant days (for IFLS calculation). Eventually rotate your device to a landscape view if you prefer this presentation of sleep hours.

This app works with fixed set of parameters:

  1. It uses the standard IFLS Rule-1,2,3 parameters of 4,2 and 1
  2. An hour is counted as Awake when Sleep < "Awake if Sleep" parameter (default = 0.3)
  3. Awake time is reduced by consecutive sleep ^ "reduce Awake with Consecutive Sleep" parameter (default = 1.8). Awake time is reduced until zero.
  4. An hour sleep is considered Outside Circadian Rhythm when not asleep 4 times in the previous 5 days on the same time. In this case the amount of sleep is multiplied by the "Outside Circadian Rhythm Effectivity" parameter. (default = 0.85)
  5. Performance Impairment is indicated on the calculated time when IFLS = 6 and Significant Performance Impairment is indicated on the calculated time when IFLS = 12.

What is performance impairment?
Some sleep studies indicate that 17-18 hours of wakefullness results in a performance impairment comparable to 0.05% Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) and 20-23 hours wakefullness results in a performance impairment of 0.1% BAC. After a steady sleep rhythm of 8 hours per natural day; 18 hours wakefullness results in an IFLS of 4 and 20 hours wakefullness results in an IFLS of 12.
This app triggers a Performance Impairment (PI) time when IFLS = 6 and a Significant PI time when IFLS = 12 basically equivalent to a peformance impairment of 0.05% and 0.1% BAC

How is your personal sleep data used?

  1. The app only downloads 6 days of sleep data from the FITBIT platform after your consent through a Fitbit authorisation process. If you tap on "Predict Fatigue", you will be redirected to the Fitbit authorisation website for giving consent. The Fitbit authorization gives time limited approval to your personal app to download sleep data. The only profile data that is used is your full name and your time zone.
  2. The Fitbit sleep data is used to calculate sleep per hour, length of sleep periods and IFLS.
  3. No data is stored anywhere and no data is copied to a server.
  4. Except for the settings parameters, all the sleep data stays in working memory of the app. When you completely close the app (remove from background) all data is erased and you have to redownload the data.
  5. If you reset the app and redownload for another point in time, the old data is overwritten with the newly downloaded data.
  6. The only way to copy data is by emailing results or texting the summary. As user you are fully in control of that.

For any questions contact Stone Productions.

Stone Productions offers also other FRMS solutions or can even produce a tailor made solution for you or your organisation. Visit the Stone Productions FRMS Website page for more information.
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