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Fatigue Predictor PRO

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Are you Safe to operate?

Now fully ready for organisational application !

Fatigue Predictor Pro version. Free to download and try. Subscriptions for Organisational use with data archiving functionality.
Now augmented with Support website; Filter and Sort all uploaded data for analysis and reporting!

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Stone Productions presents Fatigue Predictor Pro. This App is an extension of the unique Fatigue Predictor App with extra functionality designed to use the app as a tool for organisational Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS). The Pro version will have the following features:

  1. FREE to download and try. Only for extended features you will need a subscription.
  2. You can subscribe for sole use or for multiple users within an organisation.
  3. IFLS data can be stored on a 'Cloud' and the administrator can retrieve uploaded historic data from all users.
  4. Administrator can define and upload an Organisational set of Parameters which will be used by all (regular) users of the account. Regular users cannot change the Organisational Parameter Set for consistent results.
  5. Easy to use and set up. All organisational and administrator functions can be handled with the app, but a support website is also available to review and manipulate all uploaded data on any other device.

Fatigue Predictor Pro Support website is now available! A handy addition to the system. Any user can login with the credentials as set up with the subscription and as used with the app. Filter and sort your uploaded data to select what you want to review. You can also change your password and userlabel. Adminstrators can manipulate all data from all organisational users. For example select the days where the IFLS and/or Fatigue Assessment is above a certain threshold in a specific period. Very handy tool for analysis and reporting. Do you desire specific filters and reports? It can be designed for you!
For any questions contact Stone Productions.

The initial screen of Fatigue Predictor Pro offers a menu to navigate to other screens:

  1. The first option Use Free Verson / Start Fatigue Predictor (when logged in) initiates the main IFLS working screen.
  2. Log In to Update Subscription brings you to the screen to log in as user/administrator to download organisational parameters and set User or Admin mode fo the App.
  3. With Buy Subscription you can initiate an Subscription as Administrator (for multiple users) and unlock the extended features of the App.
  4. The fourth option Change Password / Administrator Menu is only shown when logged in. With this button you can change your User password or access the Administrator Menu screen when logged in as Administartor.
  5. The INFO button initiates the Fatigue Predictor information screen.

With Log In to Update Subscription you can log in as User (using Usercode) or Administrator (using Admin Email) to get the App in the appropriate mode. Fill in details and tap Update Subscription Settings

After logging in as User the organisational parameter set will be downloaded as well and set in the Apps memory.

For ease of use the login details can be be set to be remembered by the App.

On the Subscriptions screen a new subscriptions can be organised or current subscriptions for users can be extended. An information window will guide you through the process.

For new subscriptions enter the email address for the administrator and set a password. Then tap Check Administrator to check if these details are available on the cloud. If available you are prompted to enter a Name for your organisation and set an Acronym (1-10 letters [no numbers]). Again tap Check Acronym to check if it is unique for the system. If available you are set to buy subscriptions. Select number of users and period of subscription and tap BUY to start the payment process.

For existing subscriptions enter the email address for the administrator and set a password. (If logged in as Administrator and Remember Login is set this will be filled in already) Then tap Check Administrator to check if these details are correct. If Login is correct you are set to buy subscriptions. You can choose between Add New or Extend. (With extend the users with the earliest expiry dates and newest updates will be extended first. If users are not expired yet, the period will be added to their expiry date.) Select number of users and period of subscription and tap BUY to start the payment process.

After payment the subscription will be processed and confirmed.

The Administrator Menu offers 4 administrator functions:

  1. To link a specific user to the App type the appropriate Usercode in the usercode field and tap Apply. After checking this user will be linked to the App. (If you return to IFLS and Upload IFLS data, the data will be linked to this user.)
  2. After setting a specific User (by Apply Usercode) any uploaded IFLS data can be downloaded again. Select the date within the IFLS monitor period which was uploaded and tap Download. The IFLS data will be Downloaded (if available) and set in the App's memory. When you go back to IFLS screen you will see the downloaded IFLS period from the selected User.
  3. To set the parameters for organisational use you may tap Go Parameters for the parameters screen. On this screen you can tap Upload to upload the set parameters as an organisational set. For organisational Users this set of parameters will be downloaded when they log in and used to set the App parameters.
  4. When you tap Update User Label and/or Password a window will become visible to change these fields. User Label can be used to identify the User by using his/her name (or other more internet-private references like an employee reference code). The administrator can also change the Password for the selected User(code). This way the administrator can reallocate a Usercode to a different person.

By tapping on INFO the information about Fatigue Predictor (PRO) will be displayed.

For any questions contact Stone Productions.

Stone Productions offers also other FRMS solutions or can even produce a tailor made solution for you or your organisation. Visit the Stone Productions FRMS Website page for more information.
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